I’m 33 years old and a single parent to two amazing children. I am an innovating entrepreneur, motivated, smart and a great mother too!  I am on the verge of finalising funds to secure a premise for my flourishing business, but in recent months I’ve had housing benefit cuts by Southwark and I am being threatened with losing my home!  The lack of support the government has for us working class mothers needs to change, and together we can build a movement.

My childhood existed of racism, suppression, oppression and bullying and being a young mother. I’ve witnessed judgement and grief from society. Not much has changed till now. With Sisters Uncut, the Women’s Strike Assembly and the women surrounding me have given me the opportunity to speak out, fight back and hold hands with my sisters to say together we are stronger!  Together we will stand, and we will fight back! Watch us roar and watch us grow!

We say NO MORE cuts to women and our children, the future is in our hands, growing in our homes. The future is our children and we will give them the opportunity to rise as we do!

I am woman, and I am proud and feel liberated to be involved in supporting women in south east London to unite in having our voices heard.