I love the piano. From a young age, I have been being told piano teacher is a perfect job, because I am a girl. “This is truly a wonderful job! You can teach at home flexibly according to household schedule.” From my observation and experience, being a female piano teacher at home in Hong Kong can mean being able to take household as one’s dominating chore. In the early morning, after waking yourself and others up, you serve breakfast, send your kids to school, shop in the grocery, keep the household, and then use your ‘free time’ to give piano lessons. In the afternoon, after giving several lessons, you go out to pick up your kids, and get back again to give some more lessons and prepare for dinner. I had no idea, how and why could a passionate teacher/ pianist sacrifice her passion because of household chore. One may say love is the answer to all. Of course, love can be powerful, yet people in society should not take this for granted.

After moving to London, I realised space for having a feminist voice was relatively bigger. When you have the freedom and space to protest and voice out, please do treasure it! Let’s strike both in terms of housework and work. On March 8 stop teaching at home, and stop working for your household. When you strike, people started realising your effort is not for granted! Let’s strike and sing the tune of protest song! -“Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard…But I think, oh bondage, up yours!” (X-Ray Spex, 1977).