Social Reproduction Assembly

<<Childcare, cooking, cleaning, caring — a whole swathe of largely unseen and unacknowledged work that makes our lives possible and enjoyable — usually falls on the shoulders of women, often on top of waged work and making a living. We call these types of work “social reproduction” >>

The Women’s Strike on 8 March sets out to challenge the gendered distribution of socially reproductive work in our society and think through a better world.

If you self-define as a man or feel that you have not otherwise been encouraged to perform so-called “women’s work” in the past, get involved in the Social Reproduction Assembly to organise what we can do to transform how work is organised in our lives and and plan how we can support the Women’s Strike on 8 March.

On 8 March millions of women across the world will be stopping all paid and unpaid work as part of the International Women’s Strike. They are resisting borders, fighting for abortion rights and decriminalized sex work, and reclaiming the streets! They are organising, unionising, and leading fights against the far-right.

There is no better time for us to challenge patriarchy within society and within our movements, and we plan to do so by centreing, politicising and collectivising care work on this day to support women and non-binary people to mobilise.

People of all genders are welcome to join the Social Reproduction Assembly. We especially encourage those who have traditionally not been socialised to take on care roles to get involved.