Free and Legal Abortion Neckerchief (Argentina)




Green Free and Legal Abortion Neckerchief  (pañuelo verde) from the Campaña Nacional Por el Derecho al Aborto Legal, Seguro y Gratuito – National Campaign for the right to legal, safe and free abortions is now available.

The slogan of the campaign is: Educación sexual para decidir, anticonceptivos para no abortar, aborto legal para no morir – sex education to decide, contraceptives to not have to abort and legal abortions to not die.

The pañuelo verde has both the name and this slogan in the neckerchiefs. The bill to legalise abortion has passed in Argentina’s lower house last month in a close but landmark vote as currently only 3% of women in Latin America have access to legal and safe abortions. In order for abortion to be legalised in Argentina the vote needs to pass in the Senate. That vote is happening on 8th August. The campaign has called for solidarity actions outside Argentine embassies across the world on 8th to amplify the struggle of feminists in Argentina and to put pressure on the Argentine Senate to pass the bill. The green neckerchief is the symbol of the campaign in Argentina. Girls wear them on their school bags, people wave them at demonstrations, they are everywhere in Argentina at the moment