Sep 19

Women will be your nature no more

What is the climate strike? Between the 20th and 27th of September, people across the world are going on a climate strike. We are following the example of millions of young people who have brought hope to this movement.  The climate crisis shows another limit to our system of production that exploits vulnerable and oppressed […]

Jul 30

Fck Govt Fck Boris – The New Culture of Resistance

Fck Govt Fck Boris – The New Culture of Resistance On the 24th July, the streets of central London were flooded by 8,000 people dancing, singing and marching to reject our new sexist, racist, classist, homophobic, climate science denying Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The street festival of music and arts assembled in Russell Square and […]

Jul 09

Migrant Domestic Abuse Survivors Need Extra Protection than the Domestic Abuse Bill, Urge MPs

This article has been written by Olivia Bridge who is a political correspondent and commentator for the Immigration Advice Service; an organisation of leading UK immigration lawyers. Domestic abuse is a widespread issue in the UK: one woman is killed every three days as a result while almost half of millennials claim to have witnessed […]

May 31

WTF is Reproduction #1: From the archives

WTF is Reproduction #1: Learning from our histories to create our presentSat, 15 June 2019 16:30 – 18:30 BSTSt John On Bethnal Green, 200 Cambridge Heath RoadBethnal Green, London, E2 9PA Most people think of having babies when they hear the word “reproduction”, but for many feminists the concept of social reproduction includes all the […]

Mar 07

5 Reasons Feminists in Leeds and Beyond Are Striking on 8 March

Across the world, a mass feminist politics is resurging. Whether it’s women striking en-masse against the criminalization of abortion in Poland, resistance against femicide in Latin America or millions protesting in the US against the presidency of a serial sexual abuse, women and feminized people are rising up. 

Mar 06

United Against Hate: Verona Tran-Feminist City

United Against Hate: Verona Tran-Feminist City The thirteenth “World Congress of Families” will take place in Verona, from the 29th to the 31st March, 2019. This event will gather together the global «pro-life movement».  It will be organized in collaboration with, and thanks to the support of, global far-right, ultra-catholic and integralist groups and political […]

Mar 05

#riotmum and what solidarity looks like

“This morning I got chased by a council cop for putting up posters and apparently will be charged £150! – FFS! Then a legendary #riotnan came to defend me and was shouting at him to go do something useful, “your council leaves people in squalor and you’re chasing a mum putting up posters?!” I was being […]

Feb 26

Letter from the Zapatista Women to the Women in Struggle around the World

ZAPATISTA ARMY FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION MEXICOFebruary 2019To: Women in struggle everywhere in the worldFrom: The Zapatista Women Sister, compañera: We as Zapatista women send you our greetings as the women in struggle that we all are. We have sad news for you today, which is that we are not going to be able to hold […]

Feb 24

A strike against racism and borders: non una dimeno

We have called a global feminist strike for the 8th of March. We strike because we are being killed in the streets and in our homes; we strike because we are being exploited, paid less, and because we are being discriminated by the colour of our skin or heritage. Many of us have been left […]

Feb 23

Tremble Tremble the Red Witches are back – After Party

The Jago 440 Kingsland Road Dalston E8 4AA 9pm – 3pm All genders welcome Tremble, Tremble the Red Witches are Back! is a party for everyone who has been on strike and all those who couldn’t make the action. We want to celebrate, to catch up, to cool off in the former venue of Passing […]