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Feb 19

Sex / Work Strike: Piatek 8 marca 2019

Piatek 8 marca 2019Sex / Work Strike2019Godz. 19:00 Leicester Square W Miédzynarodowy Dzień Kobiet strajkujemy przeciwko seksistowskim i rasistowskim regulacjom prawnym, które kryminalizują prace seks workerów, narażając tym samym ich życie i zdrowie na niebezpieczeństwo. 8-go marca odmówimy wykonywania każdej pracy, zarówno tej za którą otrzymujemy wynagrodzenie, jak również tej nieodpłatnej, wykonywanej przez nas w […]

Feb 06

#strike4decrim call to action

Friday 8th March 2019 Meet 7pm: Leicester Square On International Women’s Day we strike against the sexist, racist and criminal laws that jeopardise the lives of sex workers. On March 8th we will refuse to do sex/work for money and we will not carry out the domestic, sex and care work that we are expected […]

Jul 13

High on the Feminist Tide: Ni Una Menos, Women’s Strike and a revolution for all

“The women’s strike made us protagonists in history.” On a heatwave evening on a busy street corner in Bethnal Green, the shouts of “Marielle vive” and “Jin, jiyan, azadi” rang out. These chants — the first commemorating Marielle Franco, a black feminist socialist organiser from the Maré favela of Rio de Janeiro who was assassinated earlier […]

Jun 28

Women’s Strike Industrial and Political Strategy for the Sex Industry

Unionisation of Workers in the Sex Industry [+] The Decriminalisation of Sex Work [+] Feminist Education About Sex, Violence And Power  [=] The Red Feminist Horizon What follows is an outline of the Women’s Strike Assembly’s current industrial strategy for the sex industry; the establishment of a UK national campaign to demand and win the decriminalisation […]

Mar 08

International Women’s Strike: Peaceful Protestor Arrested

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday 8 March 2018 Protester is arrested at the Department of Health and Social Care, London Trans women and  their allies were peacefully protesting the Department of Health this morning to call urgent attention to the failings in the provision of healthcare for trans people. 7,000 people have pledged to go on […]

Mar 07

Women’s Strike: a playlist

Tomorrow, 8th March, women will strike from waged and unwaged labour. These are some of the songs that have been getting us in the mood to strike. With bangers ranging from Dolly Parton’s legendary anti-work anthem to M.I.A.’s critique of border control, we’ve got you covered. Riot grrls, women rappers, socialist classics, Beyoncé and anti-austerity […]

Mar 07

For Press Release: International Women’s Day Thousands of Women on Strike

  For immediate release: Tuesday 6 March 2018 7,000 people have pledged to go on strike this Thursday. In the wake of #MeToo and #TimesUp, this is the next step in a global movement to end gendered and sexual violence. 2K people will meet at 1pm in Russell Square, Bloomsbury, London WC1B 5BE 61 University […]

Feb 27

The IWW union supports the Women’s Strike!

The Industrial Workers of the World are a radical union with a long history of working class, feminist and anti-racist struggle. We have recently involved in organising Deliveroo and Uber Eats in Bristol and Leeds and carrying out radical casework and direct action to defend our members. A motion was unanimously passed by the union […]

Feb 20

On March 8th, women across the world are going on strike

International Women’s Day is set to be marked by strikes from “paid work in offices and factories, or unpaid domestic work in homes, communities and bedrooms. It’s been a turbulent year for women everywhere. Whilst a self-confessed perpetrator of sexual assault sits in the White House, feminist grassroots organisations are gaining in strength and momentum. […]

Feb 15

Massive Assembly for International Women’s Strike Held in Buenos Aires

The first of several meetings to prepare for International Women’s Day mobilizations in Argentina was held in Buenos Aires. It is one of many meetings held around the world to organize the International Women’s Strike. Guadalupe Oliverio (originally published on Left Voice)