Feminist Anti-Fascism

The Feminist Anti-Fascist Assembly is a coalition of trade unions, community organisations and radical collectives as well as a space for feminists of all genders to create a political and physical response to the far right: fighting their racist and sexist ideas and building a mass street movement that opposes the far right that is both militant and joyful.

Let’s make feminism powerful again. Anti-fascism must be feminist. Feminism must be anti-fascist.

On Saturday 13th October 2018, a coalition of feminist and anti-fascist groups were involved in organising a feminist bloc against the planned Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) march in London. The bloc was part of a unity demonstration, bringing together an even broader group of anti-fascist and anti-racist campaigners and trade unions determined to combat far right groups marching on our streets. The demonstration successfully prevented the DFLA from completing their march route.The Feminist to the Front call to action was endorsed by Women’s Strike Assembly – (London, Birmingham, Cardiff); Kurdish Student Union UK, Sisters Uncut (SE London, North London, Birmingham); Women’s March – London; Plan C – (London, Birmingham, Essex, Cambridge); The x:talk project, Sister not Cister UK, Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC), Glasgow Anti-fascist Collective, SolFed, Birmingham Anti-Fascists, Feminist Fightback, Lesbian and Gays Support the Migrants, Sisters of Frida, Easton Cowgirls Football Club (Bristol), Cleaner and Allied Independent Workers Union (CAIWU), SDLD50, Shipley Feminist Zealots, Asian Mums Network, Women United, IWGB, Another Europe is Possible, 8 March Women’s Organisation(Iran-Afghanistan)-UK