Mar 05

#riotmum and what solidarity looks like

“This morning I got chased by a council cop for putting up posters and apparently will be charged £150! – FFS! Then a legendary #riotnan came to defend me and was shouting at him to go do something useful, “your council leaves people in squalor and you’re chasing a mum putting up posters?!” I was being […]

Feb 26

Letter from the Zapatista Women to the Women in Struggle around the World

ZAPATISTA ARMY FOR NATIONAL LIBERATION MEXICOFebruary 2019To: Women in struggle everywhere in the worldFrom: The Zapatista Women Sister, compañera: We as Zapatista women send you our greetings as the women in struggle that we all are. We have sad news for you today, which is that we are not going to be able to hold […]

Apr 25

Defend Rojava | Defend the Women’s Revolution

Defend Rojava | Defend the Women’s Revolution Women’s Strike Assembly has launched a fundraising effort to support our Kurdish sisters – Jin, Jiyan, Azadi | Women, Life, Freedom! Women’s Strike Assembly Shop is now taking orders for tees, sweatshirts, vests, posters and totes. Printed and shipped to order – end of July 2018  >> ORDER HERE […]

Feb 27

The IWW union supports the Women’s Strike!

The Industrial Workers of the World are a radical union with a long history of working class, feminist and anti-racist struggle. We have recently involved in organising Deliveroo and Uber Eats in Bristol and Leeds and carrying out radical casework and direct action to defend our members. A motion was unanimously passed by the union […]

Feb 15

Birmingham: Bread & Roses for All, and Hormones Too!

TRANSFEMINIST DEMANDS ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT TO THE DEMANDS OF CIS-CENTRED FEMINISM. Wednesday 28th February 2018 7PM-9PM Birmingham LGBT 38-40 Holloway circus, B11EQ Birmingham, United Kingdom Trans women, just like cis women, are in desperate need of the expansion of their rights regarding their bodily autonomy, access to healthcare, and reproductive justice. Trans and cis […]