Jul 09

Migrant Domestic Abuse Survivors Need Extra Protection than the Domestic Abuse Bill, Urge MPs

This article has been written by Olivia Bridge who is a political correspondent and commentator for the Immigration Advice Service; an organisation of leading UK immigration lawyers. Domestic abuse is a widespread issue in the UK: one woman is killed every three days as a result while almost half of millennials claim to have witnessed […]

Jul 13

High on the Feminist Tide: Ni Una Menos, Women’s Strike and a revolution for all

“The women’s strike made us protagonists in history.” On a heatwave evening on a busy street corner in Bethnal Green, the shouts of “Marielle vive” and “Jin, jiyan, azadi” rang out. These chants — the first commemorating Marielle Franco, a black feminist socialist organiser from the Maré favela of Rio de Janeiro who was assassinated earlier […]

Mar 26

Communique #1 London Assembly

The International Women’s Strike in the UK began with women coming together to explore our visions of the red feminist horizon – what it could look like and how we could get there. The Women’s Strike is not a one-day event set to coincide with International Women’s Day each year – it’s not an activist […]

Feb 27

The IWW union supports the Women’s Strike!

The Industrial Workers of the World are a radical union with a long history of working class, feminist and anti-racist struggle. We have recently involved in organising Deliveroo and Uber Eats in Bristol and Leeds and carrying out radical casework and direct action to defend our members. A motion was unanimously passed by the union […]

Feb 20

On March 8th, women across the world are going on strike

International Women’s Day is set to be marked by strikes from “paid work in offices and factories, or unpaid domestic work in homes, communities and bedrooms. It’s been a turbulent year for women everywhere. Whilst a self-confessed perpetrator of sexual assault sits in the White House, feminist grassroots organisations are gaining in strength and momentum. […]

Feb 12

Let’s Strike Together and Transform the University

By Iida Käyhkö The neoliberal university has nothing to offer women: it may try to lure us in by putting on prominent display those women who have managed to break through the glass ceiling – but the shards continue to rain over the rest of us. The presence of women in university senior management is no […]

Jan 28

We need a feminism for the 99%. That’s why women will strike this year

BY LINDA ALCOFF, CINZIA ARRUZZA, TITHI BHATTACHARYA, ROSA CLEMENTE, ANGELA DAVIS, ZILLAH EISENSTEIN, LIZA FEATHERSTONE, NANCY FRASER, BARBARA SMITH, KEEANGA-YAMAHTTA TAYLOR. Statement from the International Women’s Strike in the United States. On 8 March, we will go on strike against gender violence – against the men who commit violence and against the system that protects them […]

Jan 14

The Impossibility of the International Women’s Strike is Exactly Why It’s So Necessary

BY CAMILLE BARBAGALLO The international women’s strike is impossible. Really, it is. But let’s be very clear – the impossibility of the women’s strike is precisely why it is one of the most important things that needs to be done. The impossibility of the women’s strike is not because the women’s strike is not a […]