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Nov 18

Reclaim the Fight: Women Rise Up Against Fascism Demo

On International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women  Reclaim the Fight: Feminists Rise Up Against Fascism Demo Sunday 25 November 2018 5PM – BBC Portland Place Women’s work makes life possible. For this we are rewarded with violence and exploitation in the streets, at work and at home. We’re told that our inferior position in […]

Oct 23

Oct 13th Feminist to the Front – reports

On Saturday 13th October 2018, a coalition of feminist and anti-fascist groups, including Women’s Strike Assembly, Sisters Uncut and Plan C, were involved in organising a feminist bloc against the planned Democratic Football Lads Alliance (DFLA) march in London. The bloc was part of a unity demonstration, bringing together an even broader group of anti-fascist […]

Oct 02

Anti-racist Feminisms: Past, Present and Future

THURSDAY OCT 11 7PM St John’s Church, Bethnal Green Road, London  Speakers AMRIT WILSON is an activist and writer on issues of gender and race. She is a founder member of South Asia Solidarity Group, and board member of Imkaan, a Black, South Asian and minority ethnic women’s organisation dedicated to combating violence against women […]

Sep 11

Feminists to the Front: Feminist Antifascism on Oct 13

Summer is over and the far-right have not gone away. On October 13th the far-right Democratic Football Lads Alliance plan to march in London. In the last year thousands of them have taken to the streets, uniting racists from UKIP to Generation Identity. By manipulating information and outright lying the far-right now present themselves as […]

Jul 13

High on the Feminist Tide: Ni Una Menos, Women’s Strike and a revolution for all

“The women’s strike made us protagonists in history.” On a heatwave evening on a busy street corner in Bethnal Green, the shouts of “Marielle vive” and “Jin, jiyan, azadi” rang out. These chants — the first commemorating Marielle Franco, a black feminist socialist organiser from the Maré favela of Rio de Janeiro who was assassinated earlier […]

Jul 06

Press Release: Hundreds of sex workers, feminists and human rights activists mobilise outside Parliament

Hundreds of sex workers, feminists and human rights activists mobilise outside Parliament against Trump-inspired law that would endanger sex workers and empower exploiters On Wednesday July 4th, hundreds of sex workers, feminists and human rights activists took to the streets to oppose the introduction of dangerous and misguided, Trump-inspired legislation which would push sex workers […]

Jun 28

Women’s Strike Industrial and Political Strategy for the Sex Industry

Unionisation of Workers in the Sex Industry [+] The Decriminalisation of Sex Work [+] Feminist Education About Sex, Violence And Power  [=] The Red Feminist Horizon What follows is an outline of the Women’s Strike Assembly’s current industrial strategy for the sex industry; the establishment of a UK national campaign to demand and win the decriminalisation […]

Apr 25

Defend Rojava | Defend the Women’s Revolution

Defend Rojava | Defend the Women’s Revolution Women’s Strike Assembly has launched a fundraising effort to support our Kurdish sisters – Jin, Jiyan, Azadi | Women, Life, Freedom! Women’s Strike Assembly Shop is now taking orders for tees, sweatshirts, vests, posters and totes. Printed and shipped to order – end of July 2018  >> ORDER HERE […]

Mar 26

Communique #1 London Assembly

The International Women’s Strike in the UK began with women coming together to explore our visions of the red feminist horizon – what it could look like and how we could get there. The Women’s Strike is not a one-day event set to coincide with International Women’s Day each year – it’s not an activist […]

Mar 08

International Women’s Strike: Peaceful Protestor Arrested

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thursday 8 March 2018 Protester is arrested at the Department of Health and Social Care, London Trans women and  their allies were peacefully protesting the Department of Health this morning to call urgent attention to the failings in the provision of healthcare for trans people. 7,000 people have pledged to go on […]