International Women’s Day originated from labour movements in North America and Europe during the early 20th century as a political act to keep pushing for women’s rights. We have arrived in 2022 and women’s bodies continue to be objectified, abused, victims of the misogyny embedded in the system.
Patriarchy carries on teaching our children, as it taught ourselves, that a woman’s body is an object without the right to its own autonomy and that it must be at the service, pleasure and convenience of our male partners, our bosses, our parents, and any person who represents authority in the system. This objectification extends to the land, under a system which also sees this Earth as an object to be used and exploited, wanting us to believe that subjugating life is “normal”. But misogyny, abuse and exploitation of all kinds must end now and forever.

Justice is not just to process one guilty man. Justice is no more murders and no more fear.
Justice is to provide care for all people, for the vulnerable, and for our future on this planet.

In Plymouth we’ll be joining sisters from all over the world, in solidarity with their struggles, in support of the International Women’s Strike (8M) to say HERE, OUR VOICE! Come and join us at midday at the Sundial for a two hours stand where we’ll hear from inspiring women speakers and poets, we will have drumming and chanting, an open mic, and at 1:15pm join us in a DIE-IN where we’ll use our bodies to express our protest and offer tribute to the lives of our sisters taken here in Plymouth, and around the world, due to misogyny and objectification. Then we’ll RISE UP in a chant, to show the power and strength of our voices. WE WILL WEAR RED, as a symbol of life and resistance 🌺

We’ll also create a small memorial to mourn those we have lost but also to honour women’s lives and everything all women (cis and trans) give to this world. Bring red ribbons, flowers, red fabrics, anything to express your rage, power, love and grief.

EVERYONE – men and other gender identities – ARE WELCOME to join us!
If you can’t drop by the Sundial, you can join the stance by:
– Wearing red to work.
– Putting a sign up in your window in solidarity
– Using a red mask.

Solidarity is our weapon 🌺✊🌙🌎
PLEASE make sure to observe physical distancing, wear face masks if possible, and sanitise your hands before and after touching surfaces.

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