8M Cross-border Strike: A Global Scream Against Violence!

After a public assembly organized by the Crossborder Feminist Assembly and EAST (Essential Autonomous Struggles Transnational) networks, which brought together dozens of comrades from Latin America to Eastern Europe in a process of dialogue and accumulation of collective knowledge, we raise our voices to call for a feminist, transfeminist and anti-patriarchal transnational strike and mobilization, now more than ever against the violences that oppresses us.

During the last few years, women and LGBTQIPA+ people have fought against the intensification of gender violence, the precariousness of life, violence against indigenous peoples, police repression, criminalization of protest and violations of the rights of migrants and refugees. In these years, our forms of resistance have been reflected in the advance of struggles in different territories, conquering rights and opposing the extreme right and neoliberal policies. 

Today, with the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we want to remember that war is the most explicit reflection of the violence of the State, of the patriarchal, racist, abilist and speciesist violence that is reflected in our territories and our bodies. We continue to denounce the structural violence of borders, seeing how governments around the world open their doors to migrants only when they need them to supply labour and care services, or when they can be used as an instrument of political negotiation, while many remain without a residence permit and without social security. This year we call a strike to war, against NATO and Russian nationalist interests. Our feminist movement is anti-imperialist. The feminist movement is insurgent in the face of repression in Kurdistan, in Yemen, in Afghanistan, in Palestine and in various territories of Abya Yala, and we continue to fight and defend the freedom and self-determination of peoples.

Today, we reiterate the strength of the transfeminist movement and the process of the strike, as a practice that allows us to find connections between our different struggles, articulate the revolts of our territories and build a massive and radical movement. Today we reaffirm that the strike process is what allows us to regain collective visibility and to continue weaving our rebellion collectively and across borders. Our strike is articulated in many different ways and this 8M will be expressed in actions, demonstrations, occupation of public spaces, reproductive labour, gender and consumer strikes. Because our conditions are diverse but we are united by a shout of rebellion against this patriarchal, racist, speciesist and capitalist system.

Today we call on everyone to join a global scream against war on 8M. Once again we will not remain silent, our insubordination and struggle will be heard, against violence and each of the oppressions that cross our bodies. 
On 8M let’s meet on the streets for a global scream. 

Details for Women’s Strike across Britain on 8th March

Bristol: 6pm College Green
Cardiff – TBC
Edinburgh: 24hour action outside Holyrood
Liverpool: 12pm The Bombed Out Church (12th March)
London: 6pm Leicester Square
Plymouth 12pm Sundial, Armada Way

#HuelgaaLaGuerra #StrikeTheWar

#8MGritoGlobal #8MGlobalScream

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