We have called a global feminist strike for the 8th of March.

We strike because we are being killed in the streets and in our homes; we strike because we are being exploited, paid less, and because we are being discriminated by the colour of our skin or heritage. Many of us have been left to drown in the sea, after being tortured in Libya. We strike because we are denied citizenship, because humanitarian aid has been cancelled, because we suffer racism in all its forms.

We invite all anti-racist individuals, organisations, NGOs, the movement which in the last few months has been fighting everyday against the xenophobic and racist rise in our cities, and against  the implementation of the evil Security Law, to join us on the 8th of March in our public events to facilitate the women’s strike, by doing their roles in the home and undertaking their social reproduction tasks (continuing to do so even after the 8th)and by creating new ways to strike against racism and borders. We strike in the docks, universities, at home, at school, in the fruit picking fields in the South and the North, in the deprived neighbourhoods.

We believe that the Security Law will close borders and inflict even more horrendous suffering on the other side of the Mediterranean. What’s more it will make the lives of migrants a living hell, particularly of those who have no citizenship status. Control, repression, de-humanisation. An attempt to marginalise thousands of women and men.

We invite you to join us on the 8th of March because feminism is anti-racist, feminism is the liberation for ALL, or it is not feminism. Likewise we believe there cannot be anti-racism if violence against women is tolerated, hidden, like it often happens.

We want to turn it into a strong day of feminist, anti-racist struggles, struggles which are connected, supportive of each other.

Let’s take over  squares all over the world, let’s learn to recognise each other, to create alliances with no borders! Non una di meno!

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