The Jago
440 Kingsland Road Dalston E8 4AA
9pm – 3pm
All genders welcome

Tremble, Tremble the Red Witches are Back! is a party for everyone who has been on strike and all those who couldn’t make the action. We want to celebrate, to catch up, to cool off in the former venue of Passing Clouds which was taken from us by the gentrifiers.

The tidal wave of red feminist energy and righteous rage doesn’t end on 8 March. Whether you want to dance and celebrate as the granddaughters of the witches they could not burn, or cool down from a radical day of action and catch up with your combabes, let’s welcome the feminist rage into the next morning and beyond ⭐

What is joyful militancy if we can’t dance – all money raised will go to the Women’s Strike Fund

The tidal wave of red feminism doesn’t end once the clock strikes midnight. On 8 March women and non-binary people in London will join millions across the country and the world for the International Women’s Strike

There are organising effort happening in Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Cardiff, Brighton, Edinburgh and London. From collectivised and radial childcare so that mums can strike, to sex workers taking over the streets of Soho to demand the decriminalisation of sex work and labour right – catch up on all things Women’s Strike here:

Zero Tolerance:
No sexual violence or harassment 
No misgendering or discrimination 
Basically don’t be a dickhead.

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