Across the world on 8 March women are going on strike. This is an invitation for feminists of all genders to join the strike. In just a short few years the women’s movement has grown in strength and confidence. In Britain we have organised against the far-right’s attempt to hijack our experiences of sexual violence for their racist agenda. We are organising with and unionising some of the most exploited migrant workers in the service industries. We have stood in solidarity with our sisters from Brazil, Poland, Kurdistan and Ireland. The Women’s Strike is a strike for solidarity between women.

On 8 March we will speak out, resist, strike and refuse to work. The Women’s Strike is about realising the power we already hold – it is our labour that keeps the world turning and profits flowing. When we stop, the world stops with us.

When we strike we defy those who continue to not believe us when we are raped. Sexual violence, from assault to everyday workplace harassment is at the centre of our exploitation. We demand collective solutions to our individual experiences of violence whether they occur in the home, on the streets or at work.  

When we strike we challenge the male dominated trade unions that ignore the reality of our lives. Austerity is nothing short of a class war. For ten years it has been women that have suffered the most as the rich have gotten richer and the rest of us struggle to put food on the table, keep the heating on and the rent paid. The cost of childcare in Britain is so high that many of us are trapped in low-paid and unrewarding work just to balance the nightmare that is getting the kids to and from school.

On 8 March we will be on strike from the work we do – regardless of whether we get paid or not. The Women’s Strike occurs on International Women’s Day – and we join with million of women and non-binary people across the world in fighting for a feminist future.  

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