Call to Action:
The enemy doesn’t arrive by boat. He arrives by limousine.

The Feminists Anti-Fascist Assembly is made up of feminists of all genders. Many of us are survivors of sexual violence. Many of us are migrants. Many of us have lived here for a long time and have no interest in racist solutions to the problems we face. Attempts by either racist governments or far-right thugs to divide our communities will fail.

This is a call and invitation for women, queers and migrants from all organisations and unions, and none to lead the ‘No to Tommy Robinson, No to Fortress Britain’ demonstration on 9th December, 11am-3pm 

We refuse the continued attempts by the far right to speak on our behalf. As a growing assembly of community organisations, sports clubs, youth groups, women’s organisations, trade unions and committed individuals we stand united against the far right’s hijacking of our struggles for their gain. The far right want to convince people that migrants are the source of suffering and poor living conditions that so many of us face in this country. We know this isn’t true. Every day we see the rich and powerful ruthlessly exploit all kinds of workers, cut services, abandon communities and double down on systems of oppression. We know our enemy does not arrive by boat. He arrives by limousine. A better future awaits us: racism won’t get us there. No silence to violence.



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