se to work. We will be on the streets. We will shut things down and disrupt business as usual. If you can strike from your waged job on 8 March - great. There will be people in your area also participating in the Women’s Strike and we can put you in touch. If you need to, book a day off work in advance. If you can strike from your domestic labour on 8 March - fantastic. Consider all the work that you’d typically do on that day, and how withdrawing from it highlights the contribution that you and millions of other women make every day to a country where most women don’t earn a living wage, where every week two women are killed by their partners, where the NHS is failing and where benefit cuts mean women and families are starving.

Pledge to Strike to 8 March and join the international women’s movement – by pledging to strike you help to build support and organising efforts for all.



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