Event #2 This is a Social Crisis


Monday 29 January 7pm – 9pm
The Crypt, St John Church, 200 Cambridge Heath Rd, Bethnal Green, London E2 9PA

Jasmin Stone – Focus 15 
Lydia Harris – Feminist Fightback
Jess Potter – Docs not Cops
Paula Peters – DPAC (Disabled People against Cuts)
Kelsey M – North London Sisters Uncut

We are repeatedly told that we have had to endure years of budget cuts to social services and the welfare system because there is no money left. We know that this is a lie. It is clear to anyone paying attention that the government have used the politics of austerity to deliberately underfund our schools, legal aid services and the NHS, close domestic violence and rape services and make no investment in social housing. For over ten years the government has been waging a neoliberal war – and it is women who bear the brunt of this structural violence. Single mothers, migrants, people with disabilities and the unemployed have been in the direct firing line. The introduction of Universal Credit has only brought about more misery and desperation, with massive increases in homelessness and evictions and more and more households relying on food banks for survival.

The Women’s Strike is an opportunity for us to strike back and build the necessary political power in our communities to demand social services that create a safety net for all and are based around community needs.   


Women’s Strike Assembly (London) is hosting a series of events to discuss and debate the politics of the women’s strike and growing international feminist movement. The focus of these events is on women’s struggles and our campaigns for gender, racial and economic justice. If you want to get involved in organising for the women’s strike or want to start your own strike assembly at your workplace or in your community, get in touch or come along to one of these events. Childcare will be provided at all events and children are also welcome to attend events.