Women’s Strike Assemblies

If you want to get involved in organising for the women’s strike or want to start your own strike assembly at your workplace or in your community, get in touch or come along to one of our events.

Women’s Strike Fund

We are raising funds to help offset the costs of women leaving work and attending the 8 March 2018 strike actions and women’s assemblies. We are building a nation-wide strike fund to enable women to continue to resist and organise. Strikes, blockades, walkouts, protests, and occupations are planned.

*We are open to people of any gender attending our assemblies and actions but the strike will led by and prioritise the voices of women and non-binary people. Our feminism is trans and sex worker inclusive. We respectfully suggest that men avoid dominating discussion and decision-making and that they also volunteer for tasks which are traditionally done by women e.g. cooking, cleaning, care.


Pledge to Strike on 8 March

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