Ni una menos
We, the women of the world, are together in a process of existential revolution. On March 8th 2017 we united to take action: we did the first global womens’ strike, a transnational, multilingual, intersectional and heterogeneous articulation participated by 55 countries. We have started to weave a new internationalism. We constituted as an unexpected revolutionary subject at a global level and address all the forms of exploitation, racism and cruelty starting from a feminist ethic with life rather than sacrifice at its center. For us all the bodies and all the existences matter. Let’s put into practice, here and now, the world in which we want to live.

We say Not one less (Ni Una Menos) as a mark of transversality that combines the music of past revolutions with the tenacity of feminist struggles. We put in circulation a form of power that spreads like a virus and bursts into the center of political and social organizations opening spaces of democratization and breaking the discourses of weakness; it fractures the confinement of the domestic space; it challenges the trade unions’ discussions; it activates resistances in the field of production and popular economies; it radicalizes the struggle against extractivism and dispossession; it bursts into the show business; it permeates the arts’ language; it produces tensions within sedimented languages to force them to name new existences and identities, and challenges the control of finance over our daily life. It explodes in the squares and in the bedrooms. Nothing is external to the feminist revolution, the flood moves relentlessly back and forth, encounters the ditches underneath the earth and burst forth as an earthquake gaining a new force.

We strike because we are pushed by the flood and because our uprising nourishes the flood.

We strike and strike the world to denaturalize violence and all forms of exploitation. We strike against the cruelty that takes our bodies as booty of war. We strike against racism and the appropriation of our bodies and territories. We strike to defend our lives and our autonomies. We strike to invent a time of our own where our desire pictures a new form of life on earth.

Our strike is not only an event, it is a process of social transformation and historical accumulation of potential for insubordination that is not containable into the rules of formal democracy. Our movement overflows what exists, crosses borders, languages, identities and scales to build new geographies that are not those of capital and its financial movements.

Against the sexual and racial division of labor; against the command of finance over our lives; against the production of disposable bodies and lives; against puritanism that aims at neutralize our experimentations; against the neoliberal appropriations of our claims; against neoliberal pinkwashing; against the sexist imaginaries and practices in the media; against the “punitivism” (the politics of punishment through punishment) that aims at discipline and moralize in our name; against repression, criminalization and the demonization of our struggles: we strike.

The strike is a tool that we reinvent to take apart the fabric of violences against us. The strike allows us to map the new colonial and imperial forms exercised against our economies and territories. The strike calls us to inquiry and activate the resistances and disobediences, the production of alternative forms of life and rebel bodies.

We call women, lesbian, trans and femininized bodies of the world to spread the virus of insubordination. We call for action and for a common cry for the next 8th of March 2018: we strike!

¡Ni Una Menos, Vivas Nos Queremos!

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